Why you want an off-the-shelf CMMS or SIP (pitfalls of custom development)

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All businesses are unique and want a system that is built around their processes but to invest in a custom CMMS or Smart Inspection Platform (SIP) is a very costly exercise. Is it possible for an off-the-shelf solution to check all your boxes?


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A new CMMS system can be a significant investment, and many businesses are reluctant to shell out the money for a custom-built system. And they are right! Off-the-shelf CMMS can be more cost-efficient in the long run than custom-built ones.


How would my business benefit from a CMMS or SIP?

With off-the-shelf CMMS software or a Smart Inspection Platform, businesses like yours can organize their maintenance operations, track assets, schedule maintenance work, track machine performance, identify and correct equipment failures, and automate several work processes to save a significant amount of money, time, and resources.


The savings are generated through making the change from a paper based system to a digital process, read How smart inspections will revolutionize your business for a direct comparison between the two. In the article we take a scenario and run through the steps (and costs) of paper based vs digital process as well as client satisfaction. 


Another resourceful feature of a SIP is that it allows members of the public to scan barcodes on assets to learn more about when and how they were inspected, who performed the inspection, and if it’s compliant. If a person walks into a building and sees an AssetPool QR code on any equipment, that code can be scanned (using the app) and verified; through this process you can identify when an asset was last inspected and the details of that inspection.


An off-the-shelf Smart Inspection Platform (SIP) also allows companies to centralize their inspection processes, which helps reduce duplicate work and save time. A SIP can also be used by companies that manage multiple service providers, such as construction companies that maintain a large fleet of vehicles - all for different purposes. 



Why is a Smart Inspection Platform a good choice for your business?

A Smart Inspection Platform doesn’t hold you back from scaling your business. Since it is hosted on cloud servers, it doesn’t require physical computers to expand management efforts for the growing asset network. 


Because the platform can also be built to comply with your industry’s regulations, it will allow you to perform preventative maintenance on your assets without disturbing your current workflow. With such proactive measures, you are sure to see lower downtimes, fewer errors, and reduced maintenance costs. 


What’s more, you won’t have to change your current system to incorporate AssetPool’s Smart Inspection Platform. It will fit into your operations while giving you the benefits of customizing your processes.  


All things considered, you will enjoy end-to-end support from our team while reaping the benefits of the research and development that we put into leveraging the latest innovations in technology.


To learn more about a Smart Inspection Platform visit our page The benefits of a Smart Inspection Platform (SIP).


Investing in process changes costs more than you might think


Costs associated with organizational process changes

New technology is difficult, expensive, and risky. Unfortunately, those are also words that apply to organizational process change that come with implementing a custom CMMS or SIP. Introducing this type of system into your workflow can be disruptive, costly, and time-consuming. The key to finding the right off-the-shelf solution is identifying one that works with your existing processes rather than one that defines new processes to be implemented. This is a concern that would typically drive a company to opt for in-house development, but it is not always the best answer.


The pitfalls of in-house development

In-house development of CMMS means hiring your own developer, either full-time or part-time. You also need to be patient while your custom software is being made, so if you need an immediate solution, you have no choice but to deal with the issues. 


Since you are developing a solution from scratch, you will have to pay for the special expertise and expand your budget as you add more features. And after you implement the system, you will have to be proactive with the ongoing maintenance to keep your costs down. 


Additionally, you need to rely on developers constantly for your maintenance and configuration needs because they are the ones who know the system better than your team, which can make working independently a challenge


Safe to say, there is a reason why outsourcing and off-the-shelf solutions exist.


How can I keep my current processes in place and still have an automated asset management system?


Fully customizable and can be deployed within hours

AssetPool’s Smart Inspection System is a fully customizable and scalable solution. It has everything you need to configure it against your existing processes, so you don’t have to disrupt your internal affairs to introduce reliable automation in your organization. 


SIPs live up to their name. They are so smart that they can be customized according to each department’s needs. For instance, the service and maintenance department can use the system for seamless documentation and actually eliminate paper from your entire process. Whereas, the back office managers can use the system to monitor everything that’s happening in the field in real-time.


The Smart Inspection Platform allows you to customize access for different departments and get control of multiple sites across large organizations.


From assigning barcodes to each asset for easy onboarding to creating custom notifications and setting up the dashboard as per your teams’ preferences, the platform lets you customize various aspects of your operations to help you run smooth workflows.


With customization does it mean that I won’t get support if I have a problem?

AssetPool’s Smart Inspection Platform has been tried and tested in various environments and it has always delivered as expected. It is fully supported by our team of experts who can guide you through the onboarding process and ensure you get the most out of the platform in the least amount of time. 


Even with the personalization, our team is well-versed with the software, so we can provide you with any level of assistance to make your switch as seamless as possible.



No matter how big or small your business is, you need a reliable maintenance and management system that solves your unique problems and is easy for your employees to understand. 


With the development of SaaS technologies, the investment required for building custom software doesn’t seem justifiable anymore. An off-the-shelf system will allow you to benefit from a pay-as-you-go model, eliminate the need for a large upfront investment, as well as help you improve your bottom line in the quickest way possible.


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