Drowning in paperwork: an old school problem in the modern era

Overwhelming pile of paperwork

 Paper-based processes put your business at risk and also have significant costs associated. A digital process is the solution to these business challenges.

If your company has 50 employees then chances are, you’re wasting around 500,000 pieces of paper. This could easily be replaced by a Smart Inspection Platform or CMMS (and other digital platforms) that optimize your business process and ensure better compliance.


When you take into consideration that the average office worker uses roughly 10,000 pieces of paper in a calendar year, it's clear to see the environmental impact it creates. 


Due to the fact that one tree produces about 10,000 sheets of paper, you can save a whole tree, per office worker, by making the switch to digital platforms. 


Additionally, a large percentage of paper is wasted in the printing process.

A study conducted by Lexmark found that an average of 17% of printed pages were considered waste. This means that 1700 printed out pages for a single employee are considered waste every year! Knowing that paper costs anywhere from half a cent or less per page to two cents for regular paper, this means that a single user wastes about $8.50 – $34 per year.


Let’s break down the statistics on the use of paper:



Drive your business forward with a Smart Inspection Platform (SIP)

So, what can be done about these staggering statistics? Your business can adopt digital technology to reverse all of the lost time, wasted space, reduce your risk and allow your employees to use their time on more valuable tasks.


 Why, in 2021, do we as a workforce feel that paper is necessary?


The amount of time wasted by staff looking for paper documents in filing cabinets quickly adds up to an astounding figure. Mckinsey reported that an employee spends 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. That means not only are you losing money on the hard cost of paper, but you are also losing man hours that could be more valuable in other areas of your business. 


A Smart Inspection Platform or CMMS can find that information for you with a few clicks of your mouse - saving you time and money.


We asked one of our clients how switching to AssetPool from paper has affected their business and they had this to say:


“AssetPool truly does save us time and money. If it was not for AssetPool, one of our biggest clients would have had to shut down their Platinum mine due to an incident. However, with a couple of clicks, AssetPool saved the day providing all the necessary compliance reports.” 


When you need the documents that prove you were maintaining equipment properly AssetPool helps you find them quickly.


There is no longer the need for searching through piles of paper to find that one specific document. All of your asset’s history is stored in the cloud and cannot be lost.  We have many satisfied customers who find that AssetPool has given them the reassurance that their assets are not at risk of failure.


Make sure your business is covered. Shred the paper-based process and go digital


When you are using paper there is no quick way to measure your current risk. This could be your company's risk or the risk of your clients whom you provide services to. With a Smart Inspection Platform, you can manage overall risk before it becomes an issue.

AssetPool transforms your business processes from paper to digital with a complete and fully customizable smart inspection software solution.


Take your business off paper and into the cloud and identify who, what, where and when in relation to every asset inspection. The future is going to be full of digital processes and paper checklists will be a thing of the past. AssetPool can give you a full digital transformation.


What is digital transformation you may ask? 


Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and delivering value to customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo and experiment. 


We know that adopting a new software can be a bit challenging that is why we offer full onboarding services and training of your staff so they feel completely comfortable with the app.


In conclusion


On average a single employee uses around $50 – $200 per year on printing and $1000 per year if they print with premium paper. So are you ready to save money through the use of AssetPool?


Eliminate the expense of paper-based processes and protect your business in the process. Book a demo with AssetPool and we will show you an improved way of managing your processes.



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