How to effectively implement a CMMS in your business

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Understand the problem(s) to be solved - In order to understand the problems that a CMMS can solve you first must understand exactly what a CMMS encompasses. It is a computerized maintenance management system that assists asset-heavy organizations digitally track, measure, and plan all maintenance requirements. AssetPool is a CMMS that mitigates risk and increases safety by ensuring that assets operate properly and are up to date with their scheduled maintenance. AssetPool can also facilitate work management, safety procedure management, and legislative compliance. 


Find the right CMMS / Software Inspection Platform partner - Now that you know your company would benefit from a CMMS, it's time to decide which platform to use. When it comes to CMMS, we believe you should choose a cloud based platform to ensure that your data is always safe and accessible. You are going to want an easy-to-use CMMS that your employees can adapt to quickly to make sure there is no downtime in between. AssetPool allows you to log work in seconds and it is a user friendly app. Our client, Fire Logik, has this to say about using our CMMS platform, “ It's really great how easy all your reporting comes into one central location which is live and well managed. It has just made our lives so much easier. Our sites are onboarded so much faster with real information and accountability. It used to take ages to update jobs/information and we would still sometimes just not get it right. Now it's almost like having eyes right here with me. I just chose the site, pull the report and click download.” This is a perfect example of how CMMS increases productivity and improves inventory management as  now has access to all of their data instantly through their phone or computer. 


Get team commitment for implementation - In order to get your team on board with this you can start off by educating them on the benefits of a CMMS. When you adopt a CMMS you will see a reduction in equipment downtime, increased productivity, and improved inventory management.


Appoint champions on the team - Less than half of today’s manufacturing facilities rely on simple spreadsheet management or continue to manage their maintenance through manual processes like clipboards and paper files. So now is the perfect time to get on board with a computerised system like AssetPool. We find that appointing champions within your team can decrease the amount of time needed to adopt a new platform. When a company chooses AssetPool we are dedicated to educating your team members and we offer training sessions. You should also consider planning for future training, for example, 3 months down the road after the team has been using the software you could hold another training session. In order to get the most out of your CMMS you need to ensure adequate training for all users.




Allocate sufficient resources (people, time, and equipment) - The implementation of new software is a crucial time when staff need to be trained and time needs to be dedicated to the task at hand. When implementing a new system, it is important to make sure that your setup is correct in order to gather clean and accurate data. 


Use the system as soon as possible - Once your company has chosen the correct CMMS, it is important that it is implemented as soon as possible. Staff must switch over to this process immediately after they are trained so that they can start managing the maintenance of assets digitally. There should always be a hard cut off date for your previous process.


Continuous improvement after implementation


Communicate with your team - Keeping up to date with the needs of your team is important when switching to a digital process. If a team member is grasping the concept well they could help show another employee. When using AssetPool as your CMMS, it has the ability to be a work request portal that allows your manager and their team to receive and process maintenance requests at any time of the day, all through their phone or laptop. A benefit of this AssetPool feature is that it allows maintenance managers to prioritise jobs and create job cards/work orders effectively and digitally. After implementation, you should plan that every 6 months you spend a few hours going over the CMMS to check that you have the correct information flowing into the database and to ensure the information is logically is sound. We recommend that managers also check in with staff to see if they require any additional training.


Check out the below infographic for a quick explanation on how to effectively implement a CMMS such as AssetPool in your business:


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