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If you want to bring your company into the future then you should be considering a smart inspection platform. The days of paper checklists are over and it's time to figure out which platform would work best for you. A Smart Inspection Platform (SIP) is a digital technology that creates a platform for you to record, view, manage, respond to, and maintain key infrastructure. Some of the key benefits of adopting a smart inspection platform are: complete maintenance backlog, increased life of assets, make preventive maintenance easier to schedule and complete, increase the frequency of repairs and inspections, accurately forecast the parts you'll need for maintenance, track and report on maintenance costs and save energy.


The world that we live in is separated into two very distinct units - a physical world and a digital world. Both have their place and play a significant role in all businesses but these two are, to a greater or lesser extent, disconnected. A Smart Inspection Platform connects these two worlds. AssetPool is an all-in-one smart inspection platform. Moving to AssetPool gives you all the benefits of digitization, without losing the vital business records of the past.


Understand what you need the CMMS/Smart Inspection Platform to do for your business


  • Fit for purpose features - AssetPool has customizable features that can be tailored to fit your needs. You can monitor, measure, and manage faster and more accurately than ever before with a complete, fully customizable digital asset management solution. Your company is one of a kind so you will need a CMMS that is also unique. 

  • Alignment to your business process - Each company has its own current process for managing their assets. Most of these companies still use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the status and condition of those assets. Whether it's a multi-story building, subway station, sports stadium or assets at a shopping centre, with AssetPool's Smart Inspection Platform you will have an up-to-date asset register at all times. With a Smart Inspection Platform deployed in your business, accurate data is no longer a cause for concern: inspections are being carried out and evidence is in your centralized maintenance management system (CMMS). With this data now available, trends can be identified and you are one step closer to improved efficiencies. A maintenance schedule can be effectively planned and monitored without using an Excel spreadsheet or pieces of paper. This plan is available for all users to access at any time and can’t get lost.
  • Deployment and support - AssetPool’s mobile app enables technicians to conduct their asset inspections in the field and update the relevant SIP record immediately via the cloud. We use QR codes to ensure efficient tracking and data input. Once the smart inspection is closed off, remote or office-based staff have immediate access to the results of the inspection, in real time. This allows your team to make informed, responsive decisions to improve performance and mitigate risk in your business.
  • Understand all the costs - there are a variety of CMMS options with different pricing models. Depending on the size of your company you may find that some CMMS options are one cost regardless of the amount of users. It’s important to consider your budget for a CMMS and how many people will use the CMMS. When deciding on which platform to use, you should think about what KPIs will be used to gauge return on investment. Another additional costs to take into consideration are the costs of setup, support, training, possible upgrades, and equipment. Some CMMS providers include support in the subscription cost and some don’t. Unexpected support and implementation costs can easily make you go over your budget. With AssetPool, we offer support and training with the option to request additional features. 



Smart Inspections use a combination of IoT, cloud technology, and data to understand the condition of a physical asset. This means that if a piece of equipment goes down in your business, it can be repaired by a technician, and will be back up and running before you even knew there was a problem. After the repair, making use of an additional step in the Smart Workflow, you can receive a notification of the event and all actions which have been taken. Individual assets are added to the Smart Inspection Platform (SIP) and relevant checklists are linked to these. Field technicians or office staff are guided through each inspection via the checklists. To ensure detailed and accurate information is being documented, images can be attached to inspections. 


When it's time to decide which smart inspection platform to adopt, you should download the checklist below to make sure you are getting all the features you need. You can use the checklist to help you choose the right Smart Inspection Platforms. We believe you will find that AssetPool checks all the boxes. AssetPool is a powerful, cost effective Smart Inspection Platform that helps businesses to digitize their operations. Through this digitization, businesses have the opportunity to minimize risk, increase productivity, and have greater visibility over operations. AssetPool is unique with its ability to provide a simple user interface that connects your remote workforce, remote assets, and provides you with data, analytics, and reporting insights to enable you to achieve maximum value.



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