Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment Through Smart Inspections

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Whether you are an industry insider or not, you must have heard the words: smart inspection system. These systems can provide you with predictive reports on equipment health, which means that they can tell you if a machine needs maintenance or replacement before a serious breakdown occurs. 


So, there is no denying how important and useful these systems can be for businesses. But can smart inspection also help extend the lifespan of your equipment? Let’s find out!



The importance of a maintenance plan when working with assets

Every business relies on a number of valuable, sometimes irreplaceable assets, that help ensure everything operates effectively. And one of the best ways to protect these assets is through a good maintenance plan. 


Maintenance is the process of regularly reviewing company assets to make sure that they are working as required. It involves checking that the assets are functioning correctly and identifying any factors that could affect their lifespans. 


How maintenance plans have been managed in the past

Earlier, there used to be complex plans that detailed equipment checklists, schedules, and important dates for inspections. And these intervals were created based on past data, customer feedback, and some real-world needs.


But carrying out these inspections manually in spreadsheets and databases has proven to be a time-consuming task. From reporting to tracking historical maintenance records, the process leaves many business owners scratching their heads. 


Besides, you have to collect asset data offline and wait for the executive to pay you a visit to learn about your assets’ performance. 


Conventional inspection methods also heavily rely on specialist engineers who have a deep understanding of specific assets. Due to this and more, many companies have been turning to digital solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy in their asset maintenance plans.


How smart inspection platforms have changed the management of a maintenance plan

The right asset maintenance plan includes routine inspections of your equipment. And its main objective should be to help your company reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns while also ensuring that your assets are compliant with legal and corporate policies.


So, if you are not using an automated tool for asset maintenance, you could be increasing the risk of unplanned breakdowns significantly. Below are a few benefits of using smart inspection platforms for asset maintenance. 


Relentless Monitoring

When you schedule the inspections at regular intervals, you get to review your assets periodically. So, if your assets run into a problem on any other day, it goes unnoticed until they cause some serious damage. 


A smart inspection platform lets you monitor your assets 24/7. You don't have to manually check on them every hour. The software will instantly notify you when there is a change in your assets' activities, so you can take the right measures to extend its lifespan.  


Reduced Downtime

Our smart inspection platform boasts features like real-time tracking, preventive maintenance and predictive analytics. All these features are delivered through a single cloud-based interface. The platform can, thus, help companies to extend the lifespan of their equipment as well as reduce downtime. 


Zero Room For Human Error

AssetPool was created for the simple reason that our founder Michael Kirk realised that there is no proof if asset inspections have been carried out properly. You have to take the engineer’s word for it and trust their judgement. But is that really the best way to run and scale a business? 


Smart inspection software ensures that you have proof that your assets are checked. It provides you with the time, date, and location of where the inspection was carried out, as well as who performed the inspection.


The platform also allows you to see if your assets are in good shape even if you don’t have technical expertise on their mechanisms - completely eliminating costly human errors that can ruin your operations. 


Paperless Tracking

Before smart inspection platforms were invented, companies had to hire a dedicated team for asset maintenance. They had to issue jobs to the workforce, manage workflows, record work done, and notify customers about the same. 


But a smart inspection software lets you do all of the above in real-time without using a single piece of paper. 


Our platform allows you to manage your assets in a cloud-based environment while automation reduces the need for more human resources.  



The majority of asset failures are preventable. Using a proper inspection procedure is one of the best methods to extending the lifespan of any asset. 


Our smart inspection platform provides you with a single point of inspection control and reporting. It is a fully customisable solution that allows you to quickly mitigate risk and improve compliance and asset visibility across the company.


Ready to better manage your asset? Learn more about AssetPool’s features:


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