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How did Assetpool help?

Verve Water embarked on a journey to enhance its operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance by integrating AssetPool's digital inspection software. Prior to this transition, Verve Water relied on manual paper-based checklists for daily cleaning, quality control, health and safety documentation, and personal protective equipment (PPE) checks. This case study explores how AssetPool's digital inspection software transformed Verve Water's inspection processes, focusing on critical equipment such as water tanks, water pumps, glass bottle rinsing, and air compressors. AssetPool allowed for real-time data entry, enhanced accuracy, and instant access to historical inspection records.


Equipment Inspected with AssetPool:

    1. Glass Bottle Pre-Rinse: Quality control checklists for rinsing of glass bottles was seamlessly integrated into the digital platform, enabling inspectors to capture images and notes for any defects.
    2. Air Compressors: AssetPool's solution facilitated the inspection of air compressors, focusing on operational efficiency, safety features, and preventive maintenance needs.
    3. Capping Machines: The bottle capping machines need to be at the exact height so that the caps are tightened correctly.
    4. Occupational Health:They are checking if the floors are clean, the pathways clear, the shelves are secure, as well as first aid supplies,  If any of these health checks fail then they do not continue with their daily tasks.
    5. Water Tanks: AssetPool's software streamlined the inspection of water tanks, facilitating checks for cleanliness, structural integrity, and adherence to sanitation standards. Automatic alerts were set up for critical issues which allows for prompt corrective actions.
    6. Taste Checklist: The final step in this process is the taste test. This is carried out by a Taste Checklist inside AssetPool. If the water fails the test, the supervisor is immediately made aware.

AssetPool's software extended beyond equipment inspections. It incorporated an occupational health checklist to ensure that employees were equipped with the necessary PPE and followed proper safety protocols. Additionally, the platform enabled the monitoring of the building's temperature to comply with health and safety regulations. Verve Water uses AssetPool in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. The Managing Director is very pleased with our digital platform. It has helped cut down on travel time for the MD as he can now monitor all three sites through the platform. He receives daily reports and is made aware of any issues. He no longer needs to read through lengthy paper reports.

Verve Water also uses AssetPool to keep track of their snag list. They use it for any issues or failed equipment, this way the maintenance manager is immediately aware of any equipment that needs to be fixed. The maintenance manager is notified through email instantly when a check fails along with photographic evidence so they can schedule the work and know which parts are required which saves them time.

Key Benefits

  1. Efficiency Gains: Time previously spent on manual data entry and documentation was significantly reduced. Travel time was eliminated at management now receives digital daily reports.
  2. Data Analytics: The platform provided valuable insights through data analytics, enabling proactive maintenance strategies, and reducing the risk of equipment failures.
  3. Streamlined Communication: The software facilitated seamless communication between inspectors and management, ensuring swift response to identified issues.
  4. Paperless Operation: Verve Water achieved a paperless operation, reducing its environmental footprint.


Verve Water was completely off their paper-based process without any in person training. The employees learned AssetPool quickly and easily through online sessions with our Onboarding Specialist. By digitizing their inspection processes, Verve Water achieved increased efficiency, improved data accuracy, and enhanced control over critical aspects of their water bottling operations.


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