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How did Assetpool help?

Excellerate JHI is a real estate services company that operates in South Africa and other regions. The company provides a range of services related to property management, including leasing, facilities management, and property development. They cater to various sectors, including commercial, retail, industrial, and residential properties. Excellerate JHI now has the power of AssetPool to manage their shopping centres. 

Before adopting AssetPool, they relied on paper-based checklists and carbon copy books. When their contractors were finished their work, they brought the books to the management office where each page needed to be signed. If they completed twenty inspections, then they needed twenty signatures. Now they have the advantage of the signature function in AssetPool. The inspections are available immediately to the administrator who now only must provide one digital signature. The administrator receives an email as soon as the inspections are complete asking them to review the data and provide their signature. 

Prior to implementing AssetPool, when there was a fault in one of their systems, the technician would take a photo and WhatsApp the evidence to their supervisor who then had to compile a report in a Word document adding in the photos. The supervisor then had to email the report to JHI, then JHI would collect the carbon copy paper and file it with the Word document report. The whole process can take weeks to complete as this involves outside contractors who are not on site every day. Now that they have the power of AssetPool, the supervisor is immediately aware of any faults in their systems and can action accordingly which leads to decreased downtime. 

AssetPool provided on-site training to JHI when they first signed up and continue to have biweekly onsite meetings to ensure a smooth transition from paper to our Smart Inspection Platform. JHI uses AssetPool to monitor their fire and electrical systems in their shopping centres and plans on rolling it out to all their systems, including vertical transportation systems. 

The contractors that service the Excellerate JHI shopping centres arrive on site with their cell phones and conduct their inspections by scanning QR codes that are on various assets such as DB boards, fire safety equipment etc. JHI has all their contractors using the platform so they can monitor their status live and have photographic evidence.  

The platform's ability to streamline asset management processes, enhance data visibility, and facilitate informed decision-making has empowered Excellerate JHI.


Key Benefits

Ease of access to systems & contractors: JHI can now pull monthly reports with a click of a button. Previously they were reaching out to contractors for reports which could delay important decision making. 

Cost savings: JHI is now saving costs as they do not have to purchase carbon copy books or deal with lost books. They are also saving on time as administrators no longer need to input the information from the carbon copy books. Another time saver is the fact that technicians and contractors no longer need to drive back to the office with their paper checklists. Before the technicians have even gotten into their vehicle, head office already knows about all faults. 

Geo-location and time stamp: JHI can monitor the activities of their contractors through the admin console. They can see the time stamp of each inspection, so they are aware of how long the contractors are on site. The geo-location feature on AssetPool allows JHI to know the precise location of each asset.


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