Mafube Mine

How did AssetPool help?

Mafube Mine is a leading coal producer in South Africa, and they implemented our Smart Inspection Software in early 2021 to inspect their mining equipment, including dozers, fire extinguishers, and conveyors. They use AssetPool over 5 sites and complete over 600 inspections per month. Mafube Mine is a client via our Bosch Rexroth branded partner. 

Our Smart Inspection Software allows for managers to see the duration between failures so they can detect and predict equipment faults. AssetPool has enabled Mafube Mine to improve the safety and efficiency of their mining operations by providing real-time data on equipment performance and maintenance needs.


One of the key benefits of using AssetPool is that it has enabled Mafube Mine to reduce the risk of equipment downtime and maintenance costs. By detecting equipment risk levels, the mine has been able to schedule repairs and maintenance in advance.


In addition, the use of smart inspection software has also enabled Mafube Mine to improve the accuracy of their inspection reports as they now had photgraphic evidence and geo location. The software automates the inspection process and provides real-time data, which eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of human error.


Overall, the implementation of AssetPool at Mafube Mine has resulted in significant improvements in safety, efficiency, and productivity. It has enabled the mine to stay ahead of equipment faults and failures, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the accuracy and completeness of their inspection reports.


Some of the Key Benefits that Mafube Mine experienced are:

  • Machine Physical Condition Monitoring - Mafube Mine now have a live status of the condition of their equipment

  • Staff Efficiency & Increased Productivity - increased efficiency through the ability to send completed inspections digitally rather than having to hand in paper to head office.

  • Geo Location – The managers now have precise locations of each of the assets.

  • Increased Revenue - technicians can now service a higher number of assets each day and reduces downtime.
  • Automated Reports: AssetPool generates automated reports that can be used to keep track of the progress of any project. This helps Mafube Mine stay on top of their projects and ensure that they are meeting all the required safety and quality standards.



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AssetPool Partner

Mafube Mine is a client via our Bosch Rexroth authorized partner. 

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