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How did Assetpool help?

K2 Medical has taken a significant leap forward by integrating AssetPool's cutting-edge Digital Inspection Software into its operations. They use our digital inspection software in the following ways:


Service and Maintenance Scheduling

Automated reminders ensure that inspections, calibrations, and routine maintenance are carried out promptly, minimizing downtime and enhancing equipment longevity. When a piece of equipment needs to be serviced, K2 uses AssetPool to schedule the technician work order. Work orders are delivered to the technician’s mobile device, allowing them to conduct inspections.


Streamlining Equipment Inspections

K2 Medical faced the challenge of managing inspections for their ultrasound and macerator machines, previously using traditional paper-based methods. AssetPool's Digital Inspection solution has transformed this process. AssetPool's platform enables K2 Medical to seamlessly track and manage the maintenance of medical equipment, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Through this integration, K2 Medical not only improves the reliability of its equipment but also enhances overall patient care by minimizing downtime and potential disruptions in healthcare services.


Digital Installation Checklists

AssetPool's software allowed for the importation of paper based installation checklists. These digital checklists guide technicians through standardised installation procedures, ensuring consistency and adherence to quality standards.


Tracking Client Training

AssetPool's platform facilitates the tracking of client training sessions. K2 Medical records and monitors training activities, ensuring that users are proficient in operating the ultrasound and macerator machines effectively and safely.


Key Benefits with AssetPool:

    1. Proactive Maintenance: Scheduled service and maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns, contributing to uninterrupted healthcare services.
    2. Efficiency Boost: Digital inspections and checklists streamline processes, saving time & money
    3. Data-Driven Insights: Real-time data collection and analytics empowers K2 Medical to identify trends, optimise maintenance schedules and make better decisions.
    4. Enhanced Compliance: Adherence to safety and ensuring industry standards are followed


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