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How did Assetpool help?

Fidelity Fire Solutions, a leader in fire safety and equipment services, faced challenges with their traditional paper-based inspection and certification processes. An insurance company recommended that they switch to a digital solution. AssetPool worked in partnership with Fidelity Fire Solutions to launch their own white label app on the App Store, powered by AssetPool technology. This app allowed clients to access inspection reports, compliance certificates, and maintenance schedules directly from their mobile devices. The white label app enhanced brand recognition and client engagement, providing a seamless and user-friendly interface for managing fire safety inspections.

From an insurance perspective it is a condition of cover that firefighting equipment is installed and serviced annually as prescribed in terms of Regulation T2 (SABS 0400-1990 ) of the National Building Regulations. Adopting to an digitised platform is beneficial to all stakeholders for improved risk management on fire safety equipment.

By adopting digital inspection software, Fidelity Fire Solutions addressed the recommendations from insurance companies, improving their risk management practices. This digital approach provided confidence to insurance companies that inspections were thorough and records were accurately maintained, potentially lowering insurance premiums for clients who demonstrated digital fire safety practices.

AssetPool’s Smart Inspection Platform, along with the launch of Fidelity's white label app and the benefit to brokers and insurance companies, set a new standard in fire safety services, demonstrating the value of modernizing inspection and certification processes.

Fidelity Fire Solutions now has the ability to have detailed logging of each piece of fire safety equipment, including serial numbers, maintenance history, and inspection schedules. This level of traceability ensures that all equipment can be easily tracked and audited. 

The platform can be configured to send automated alerts and reminders for upcoming inspections, maintenance tasks, and compliance deadlines. This helps ensure that no critical dates are missed, maintaining continuous compliance with safety regulations.

All documentation, including inspection reports, maintenance logs, and compliance certificates, is stored in a centralized digital repository. This makes it easy to access and retrieve documents during regulatory inspections or audits, reducing the administrative burden.

Challenges Faced by Fidelity Fire Solutions

Fidelity Fire Solutions initially relied on carbon copy books for documenting inspections of various fire safety equipment, including CO2 fire extinguishers, diesel pumps, fire blankets, fire hose reels, fire detection systems, fire hydrants, jockey pumps, ladders, and water storage tanks. The process was cumbersome and inefficient:

  • Technicians completed inspections and filled out carbon copy books.
  • The books had to be physically transported back to administrators.
  • Multiple handovers occurred between technicians, salespersons, and clients.
  • Delays in approvals and processing were common, lengthening the sales cycle.

Fire safety regulations mandate the maintenance of a detailed fire register and the issuance of Certificates of Compliance. The manual process of digging through piles of paper to find necessary documents was time-consuming and error-prone. Ensuring compliance and submitting annual reports was a significant burden.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate Data Entry: Technicians input inspection data directly into the AssetPool system using mobile devices.
  • Reduced Travel Time: Eliminating the need to transport paper books back to the office saved time.
  • Streamlined Approvals: Sales quotes could be generated and sent digitally, allowing for quicker client approval. Technicians could remain on-site while waiting for approval, speeding up the sales process and increasing closure rates.

Custom Features for Fidelity Fire Solutions

AssetPool developed a specific Asset Register feature for Fidelity Fire Solutions, tailored to meet the compliance requirements of fire safety regulations. This digital register:

  • Ensured all fire safety equipment was logged and tracked.
  • Provided instant access to equipment status and history.
  • Simplified regulatory inspections by offering a quick and comprehensive overview of assets.
  • Immediate generation and issuance of compliance certificates.
  • Easy access and retrieval of certificates during inspections.
  • Annual submission of required documents without manual paperwork.

Training and Support

Fidelity Fire Solutions prioritized thorough training to ensure smooth adoption of AssetPool. Training included:

  • In-Person Training Sessions: Comprehensive onboarding sessions conducted by AssetPool experts.
  • Interactive Training: Hands-on training sessions to familiarize staff with the software.
  • Refresher Training: Semi-annual refresher courses to keep staff updated on new features and best practices.

The ability to generate and approve quotes on-site led to a shorter sales cycle and increased sales. Clients appreciated the quick turnaround, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The customized features of AssetPool ensured that Fidelity Fire Solutions remained compliant with all fire safety regulations. Immediate access to the fire register and certificates of compliance simplified inspections and annual reporting.

The integration of AssetPool's Smart Inspection Software into Fidelity Fire Solutions' operations has been a game-changer, addressing their pain points and enhancing overall efficiency. The tailored features, combined with comprehensive training and support, have empowered Fidelity Fire Solutions to streamline their processes, ensure compliance, and boost sales.


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