The benefits of an app-based COVID-19 screening solution [VIDEO]

Keep your school or business safe and operational with AssetPool's app-based COVID-19 screening solution.

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While many organisations use a paper register for COVID-19 screening, it’s time consuming, requires contact and lacks traceability in the event of an incident. With no sign of the pandemic winding down just yet, organisations need a fast, reliable and affordable way to screen visitors.


What is COVID-19 screening?


COVID-19 screening is a questionnaire-based approach to identify someone’s risk of infection based on government guidelines. It helps determine if people are currently showing any COVID-19 symptoms, or have recently been exposed to a patient or person who has tested positive for the virus. 


Why your organisation needs a mobile COVID-19 screening app 


Manual (paper-based) COVID-19 screening requires visitors to fill out a questionnaire based on government guidelines each day they enter your premises. Not only does it take time to answer on the form, but it requires contact (pens need to be shared) which means someone needs to be responsible for keeping pens and clipboards clean and sanitised throughout the day. 


Aside from the inconvenience of paper-based COVID-19 screening, the total cost and environmental impact need to be considered. Each day, stacks of screening forms need to be printed and filled out. Once completed, the forms have to be safely stored somewhere for future reference. This brings a third consideration to light: privacy concerns and the risk of data loss.


While a pen and paper may suffice for a small organisation with two or three staff members, anyone with a larger scale operation runs a serious risk of:

  • Losing papers (which could pose a privacy risk)
  • Having no simple overview of daily attendance numbers
  • Limited access to data (e.g. how many yes or no responses you had throughout the day)
  • Having difficulty tracing infections if an incident were to occur

The benefits of AssetPool’s COVID-19 screening app


Our core business is asset management so we have the expertise and knowledge to make your COVID-19 symptom screening experience straightforward and secure. AssetPool's software and app based screening solution replaces pen and paper or ad hoc alternatives, where the process may be manual, unshareable and untrackable. 


Some of the primary benefits of choosing AssetPool include:

  • Tried, tested and trusted by many South African organisations. AssetPool’s app replaces easily lost or damaged pen and paper records with a simple, user-friendly digital system.

  • Compatible with any smartphone, with AssetPool you can work offline and won’t require huge amounts of mobile data to operate.

  • Non-contact, fast and efficient - the app uses a unique QR code per person screened.

  • Highly accurate and secure. Because we specialise in asset management, our COVID-19 screening system is built off of the same powerful and secure platform giving you complete peace of mind. Not only is data stored securely using world-class, GDPR and POPIA compliant standards, but you’ll have access to reporting dashboards to monitor daily attendance and track and trace infections in real-time.

450000 COVID-19 screenings so far


How AssetPool’s compliance and verification software for COVID-19 screening works


Our COVID-19 software adds a vital layer of checking to compliance with standard government guidelines, safely turning away anyone with symptoms at the point of site entry.


In the video below you’ll see how easy it is for to screen employees, visitors, teachers and school children, and remotely monitor symptoms and attendance.


COVID-19 screening using the AssetPool app takes less than 20 seconds per person.



A unique QR code is assigned to each individual 


A unique QR code is used to identify each individual, whether they are permanent staff, pupils or residents, known but infrequent visitors, or ad hoc clientele with checks saved securely. We have a multitude of customers already benefiting from this non-contact digital answer to the headache of quickly and effectively prioritising safety and compliance, ultimately ensuring peace of mind for everyone. 


On-boarding to the system using the QR code is done just once for repeat visitors or permanent staff/pupils.


With a wealth of experience in asset management and tracking, AssetPool is now keeping a range of organisations safe and operational, with a proven solution for schools, hospitality, care homes and more. Contact us for more information.

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