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Whether you're a seasoned user or new to our Smart Inspection Platform, our FAQ section aims to streamline your experience by providing clear and concise information on AssetPool's features.

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Can the app be used in Offline mode?

We have a built in Offline mode. User can enable this option as needed which works perfectly for areas where there is no network.

How to replace/attach an asset barcode?

Step 1: 

Tap the Camera icon to scan the asset barcode.

Step 2:

Point the camera at the barcode to scan.

Step 3:

Tap on Attach button.

Step 4:

Tap on Select an Asset. On the Search bar, type the asset code or name of the Asset. Select the Asset from the list. 

Step 5:

Tap on the Attach button to complete the process. Asset can be inspected directly after this process.


How to login on the mobile app using Face ID?


  1. App version 4.1.8.
  2. Biometrics must be enabled on the mobile device.
  3. You must have logged in previously on the mobile app.

Step 1:

On the Login screen, tap on the Biometry icon to login, as shown below.

How do I reassign a job from one tech to another?

Step 1:

Search for the Job that needs to be edited. On the Job Manager, Click on the Tools icon, located at the top right-hand corner.  The Job Tools pop up screen will show as below.  You can redirect the Job to a new Technician.  Click on the Save Job button once done.

How to disable 2FA?

Step 1:

Log in to your account. Click on the picture next to your name.

Step 2:

Click on the Disable 2 Factor Authentication button. A pop-up message will confirm that the multi factor authentication has been disabled.

On the next login, you will be prompted only for the Username and Password.

How to onboard an asset?

Step 1: 

Open the Job. Tap the Camera icon to scan the asset barcode.

Step 2:

Point the camera at the barcode to scan.

Step 3:

Create option is selected by default. Fill in all details. Note that if the Asset Type has custom fields, once the Asset Type is selected, they will show as highlighted below. Once all the Fields are filled in, tap on Submit button. You may continue with Inspection after this point.

How to reopen a closed job?

Step 1:

Search for the Job that needs to be edited. On the Job Manager, note that the status of the Job is Passed. Click on the Tools icon, located at the top right-hand corner.

Step 2:

On the Job Tools pop-up screen, click on the Open button as shown on the below screenshot.

Step 3:

Press F5 to refresh the screen. When the Job has been re-opened, the status will change to In-progress as shown below. Any changes that need to be made can be made as well under Tools and the job closed again.

Is site information available on the mobile app?

Yes, for each site, site information is available.

It is also possible to tap on the address link for google maps guidance. This is superb for technicians so that they do not get lost.

Can client users be added on the system for a read only view?

Each client can add as many client users as required.

Are asset custom fields visible on the mobile app?

Yes. When verifying assets, custom fields are visible.

Is it possible to move assets around from one site to another?

Yes, we have a tool on the mobile and web app for this purpose.

What signatures are available on the mobile app?

We have Technician signature at the end of an Inspection. We also have an Inspection approver signature at the end of an Inspection. We have a Customer signature at the end of a Job. We have an Approver signature at the end of the Job which a user on our system can be assigned to and they can sign off the job electronically. Signatures can be enforced.


Can we have multiple inspections of same checklists on an asset on one job?

You can scan the Asset again and inspect the same checklist again on the same job.

How to grant or remove site access for a User?

Step 1: 

Click on the Users navigation bar item, within the Administration section. A list of all users will show if there are any. You can also use the search bar to search for the user as shown below. Click on the User whose Site Access needs to be granted or removed.

Step 2:

On the menu at the top, click on Site Access menu-item.

Step 3:

You will be taken to the screen below, showing all Clients with their Sites. If a Site is showing a Green tick, it means user already has access. If a site is Greyed out, it means user does not have access . To give access, click on the client site and it will show green tick. To remove access, click on the client site and it will be greyed out. You can also search for site or client. You can also Select All or Deselect All.

Once done click Save Changes button.

Can we have predefined comments on the checks?

Yes, you can specify the comments according to the outcomes. You can have as many as you would like for each check within a checklist.

What reports are available on the web app?

We have job reports, job summary report, inspection report, asset report, site report and user reports. Reports are available in excel and PDF formats.

Can Asset Documents be viewed on the mobile app?

Yes they can be viewed on the mobile app. 

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