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How did Assetpool help?

Turnkey Instruments SA, is an authorized distributor of the UK based OEM Turnkey Instruments Ltd. Turnkey Instruments SA’s core business is to facilitate mandatory periodic dynamic brake testing, for their clients in the mining sector.

Turnkey used to perform a brake test, store a printed record of the test on site, within a couple of days transport the evidence back to their head office, at which point they would capture the report details into an Excel spread sheet and send this on to the relevant mine. AssetPool captures & records the test live as the test is done and stores the evidence in the cloud where their customer can access the information at any time. Providing ultimate compliance & peace of mind.

With less time and resources required per inspection, Turnkey Instruments SA was able to offer their customers packages with an increased number of inspections. Turnkey Instruments SA services 58 mines with brake testing services. All of these mines are using AssetPool as the reporting portal for brake testing services. Without AssetPool this would be an administrative nightmare.

In October 2019, there was an incident at a mine with a frontend loader rolling down an embankment and resulting in injuries to the driver. In events like these the Department of Mineral Resources must be notified and evidence must be given immediately proving that the machine and operator were cleared to work.

In the event where this evidence cannot be provided the mine may be shut down at a substantial cost. The mine was one step ahead of this based on the services of Turnkey Instruments SA through AssetPool.

Within seconds a full inspection history could be accessed to prove compliance and confirm that the front-end loader had been inspected that day along with all of the images of the inspection. The mine was able to continue running and experienced no downtime as a result of the incident.


Key Benefits

Turnkey Instruments found the following key benefits switching to AssetPool's smart inspection software:

Machine Physical Condition Monitoring - Turnkey Instruments now have a live status of the condition of their equipment.

Staff Efficiency & Performance Management - The technicians at Turnkey Instruments have increased efficiency through the ability to send completed inspections digitally rather than having to hand in paper to head office.

Geo Location – The managers now have precise locations of each of the technicians as well as the assets.

Damage & Accident Reporting – They now have the evidence required to prove that the necessary maintenance has been completed on the mine's equipment. This can be beneficial for insurance claims.

Increased Revenue - Turnkey Instrument technicians can now service a higher number of assets each day and reduces downtime.

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