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How did Assetpool help?

AssetPool provides Thiess with the flexibility to customize inspection checklists, workflows, and reporting templates to align with their specific requirements. The platform also offers seamless integration with existing systems, enabling data exchange, and streamlining processes.

To ensure a smooth transition, AssetPool employees conducted training sessions for Thiess employees across different levels and departments. Training focused on familiarizing users with the platform's features, data capture processes, and reporting capabilities. AssetPool also provided ongoing support and resources to address any queries or challenges faced during the implementation phase.

AssetPool has allowed Thiess to replace manual paper-based inspections with digital checklists and real-time data capture. This shift significantly reduced human errors, improved data accuracy, and provided instant access to inspection data for analysis and decision-making.

AssetPool's centralized platform enabled Thiess to have real-time visibility into their equipment inspection data. The intuitive dashboard and reporting functionalities allowed stakeholders to monitor key performance indicators, track inspection status, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. The comprehensive reporting capabilities also facilitated compliance reporting and auditing processes.


Key benefits

With AssetPool's digital mining inspection capabilities, Thiess gained insights into equipment condition trends and identified early signs of potential failures. This proactive approach to maintenance planning allowed Thiess to schedule preventive maintenance activities, reducing unplanned downtime and maximizing equipment availability. 

AssetPool helps reduce risks by capturing photo documentation during inspections. Thiess could effectively track and address safety-related issues, implement corrective actions, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

AssetPool's optimization of maintenance schedules, improved equipment reliability, and reduced downtime resulted in significant cost savings for Thiess. The platform enabled accurate forecasting of maintenance requirements and minimized equipment breakdowns. Thiess ensures compliance with regulatory requirements by providing accurate and auditable records of inspections, maintenance activities, and safety checks.


Asset Pool


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