How did Assetpool help?

Shout It Now offers youth-focused health services in South Africa and they have embraced digital transformation to enhance their operations and streamline fleet management processes. Partnering with AssetPool, Shout It Now has experienced significant improvements in monitoring vehicle maintenance, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency.


Shout It Now operates mobile clinics and virtual engagement platforms, delivering crucial health services and support, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health and aiding survivors of gender-based violence.


Prior to implementing AssetPool's digital inspection software, Shout It Now encountered several challenges in managing its fleet effectively. Windscreen replacements were a common issue, resulting in high costs and extended vehicle downtime. Additionally, identifying responsible drivers for fines and speeding tickets was time-consuming. Reporting, especially in rural areas, took up to two weeks, hindering quick decision-making.


Shout It Now's collaboration with AssetPool introduced a solution to these challenges. The digital inspection software provided instant reporting capabilities, eliminating the delays experienced in rural areas. The offline mode feature proved invaluable in regions with limited infrastructure, allowing inspections to be conducted without an internet connection.


Key Benefits:

  1. Instant Reporting: AssetPool's software enabled Shout It Now to generate instant reports, significantly reducing the reporting time in rural areas from two weeks to real-time updates. This facilitated quicker decision-making and improved overall operational efficiency.
  2. Offline Mode Capabilities: Example - During a health outreach program in an area with no internet connectivity, Shout It Now successfully conducted vehicle inspections using AssetPool's offline mode. This ensured that critical data was collected without interruptions, maintaining the integrity of the fleet management system.
  3. Linking Inspections to Fuel Pump Slips and Mileage: Shout It Now leveraged AssetPool's functionality to link inspections directly to fuel pump slips and mileage records. Example: After an inspection flagged a potential issue, the system automatically recorded relevant details, providing a comprehensive overview of each vehicle's health and usage patterns.
  4. Cost Savings Through Windscreen Repairs: The software played a crucial role in reducing windscreen replacement costs. Shout It Now implemented a proactive approach by repairing windscreen chips promptly, preventing the need for costly replacements. For instance, a chip detected during an inspection was swiftly repaired, preventing further damage and saving substantial replacement costs.
  5. Identifying Responsible Drivers for Fines: AssetPool's software provided Shout It Now with a comprehensive solution for tracking fines and speeding tickets linked to specific vehicles and drivers. This proved instrumental in identifying drivers responsible for violations, promoting accountability, and fostering a culture of safer driving practices.


By embracing AssetPool's digital inspection software, Shout It Now has achieved remarkable improvements in its fleet management processes. The real-time reporting, offline mode capabilities, and cost-saving measures have not only streamlined operations but also contributed to financial savings.


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