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How did Assetpool help?

Goscor – a huge Access rental business, with a fleet compliment exceeding 1000 machines, have numerous check points in their daily processes and rental cycle. With approximately 30 paper checklists, performed around the country by 80+ staff the room for error is large.

AssetPool has completely transformed the way management view and control their business, improving control, flow & productivity – all in a real time, cloud hosted, paperless environment.

As an equipment rental company, Goscor Access Solutions undertake a high volume of asset inspections to ensure their fleet equipment is in top working condition. However, because of the nature of the construction industry, it’s difficult to keep track of reams of paperwork on site. Due to paperwork being difficult to track, Goscor Access Solutions struggled to hold clients accountable for damages to the equipment which had a negative impact on their bottom line.

Goscor Access Solutions implemented AssetPool in various different ways within their business - producing job cards, performing asset inspections and risk management, and fleet management. It’s now a lot easier to trace documentation because all assets have been allocated to a fleet within AssetPool where staff can search for a fleet number, and pull a report on the full history of the equipment usage and maintenance.

They’re now able to track damages and breakdowns, with photos of the equipment before, after and during the rental period - helping them hold clients accountable if the assets are not returned in good working order. They’re now in a position to bill customers for damages with proof of when the damage occurred.

An additional benefit to the Goscor Access Solutions team is that AssetPool has a timestamp on job cards - allowing management to see exactly when a job was opened and closed. This has helped them track staff productivity and manage workload effectively.

By switching from paper to digital inspections, they have experienced a profound impact on their business - both from an operational and efficiency perspective and, of course their bottom line. 


Key Benefits

Goscor found the following key benefits switching to AssetPool's smart inspection software:

Machine Physical Condition Monitoring – Goscor Access Solutions are able to ensure their equipment is always well maintained.

Client Accountability For Damage –They now have an accurate record of the state of each asset before and after the rental period.

Staff efficiency and performance management – with AssetPool, Goscor Access Solutions have full visibility over their operations, team capacity and performance. It has also saved a lot of time and admin work, allowing the team to focus on other business activities.

Real-time data and reporting insights – AssetPool’s reporting dashboards give them the ability to report on the health of their operations at any given moment.

Damage and accident reporting – Goscor Access Solutions now know that in the case of an accident they have a full service history that can prove that assets are well maintained. This covers them from a legal compliance and insurance perspective.


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