Charco Cranes

How did Assetpool help?

Charco Cranes is a leading service provider for maintenance and product solutions for all major brands of overhead material handling equipment. Their technicians are available to complete 3 or 6 month service inspections that are necessary to keep cranes in-line with requirements.

Charco Cranes is based in Benoni Gauteng and has been the innovative material handling equipment leader in the province since being established in 2008. They specialize in comprehensive sales and service of overhead cranes, electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists.

Prior to adopting AssetPool, Charco Cranes were inspecting their handling equipment with paper checklists; they were spending double the monthly cost of AssetPool just on carbon copy books alone. They now have the power of a digital inspection platform. This has helped them with tracking all services, scheduling employee’s work, and maintenance scheduling.

AssetPool provided in person training for their employees, and they have since onboarded over 700 cranes. Charco Cranes uses our platform to schedule their technicians work, complete digital inspections of their cranes, and to maintain a complete history of inspections.

Being able to have a complete asset inspection history is vital, in case of an accident on site, crane companies need to have proof that maintenance schedules were followed. This can help in the instance of insurance claims as well.


Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits that Charco Cranes have experienced are accurate asset history tracking, reduced paperwork. 

  • Machine physical condition monitoring – Charco Cranes now know the live risk level and condition of each asset

  • Staff efficiency and performance management – with AssetPool, Charco Cranes have full visibility over their operations and team capacity

  • Geo location – They now have machine location verification

  • Real-time data and reporting insights – Charco Cranes have the ability to report on the health of their operations at any given moment

  • Damage and accident reporting–Charco Cranes know that in the case of an accident they have a full service history that can prove that assets are well maintained. This covers them from a legal compliance and insurance perspective. 


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